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Home from home, family favourites and quality products that you love and know


A place to share ideas about good food, local events and bring the local British community together


Sometimes we just can’t wait to enjoy comfort food! So we provide an easy order process and delivery to your door

Franco-british family in the alps

As an English-French family based in Menthon-Saint-Bernard and having lived abroad, we know the importance of comfort food when you’re homesick, despite living in such a gorgeous region of France.

We also understand the struggles and frustrations you experience when searching for your favorite products in a local shop.

Roast Beef & Frog’s founder, Fabienne has numerous years working in import/export and customer service, and has a strong desire to bring the British community and local businesses together.

Last but not least, she has a husband who simply can not live without his Orange Squash!

And so you see… Roastbeef & Frog was created!

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